Let’s drive through the highlands of Scotland. This is one of the best scenic drives you can find in Europe, driving though history, stunning landscape, learning legends and meeting extraordinary people. Our journey starts in Stirling. This town is ok, but truly famous as it is the home of the William Wallace memorial. It rises on top of a hill and one cannot miss it. In the shape of a tower rising towards the sky, it leaves a lasting impression on the traveler and reminds us of the courage and efforts of the Scot to free his land. From Stirling, we will drive about an entire day northwards to reach Ullapool, a small village on the north west coast of Scotland.

road trip scenic route scotland

There are many sites you can visit en route, so ideally take three or four days, a long weekend, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. You can visit whisky distilleries, trek in Glencoe – stunning – go kayaking or sailing in Fort William, visit the Loch Ness museum in search of the monster, meet many people along the way but also enjoy the loneliness of the drive as you will not cross many people on the roads. Most of all, enjoy the scenery of stunning mountains, snow capped in winter, barren brown from Spring.

road trip scenic route scotland

The landscape is one of the most beautiful you can find. Wild, natural, perfect. You first stop from Stirling would be Glencoe, which is about two hours away. The scenery is magnificent as the more you approach Glencoe, the more you will drive towards the mountains and deep valleys. Many people come to Glencoe to trek. And it is easy understand why as the mountains are beautiful. Take the time to go hiking and find a place to spend the night. There are just three or four pubs around so it is easy to meet many hikers at the end of the day and share the experience.

After Glencoe, drive towards Fort William and then Fort Augustus. There it is! Probably one of the most famous lakes in the world, the Loch Ness. It is so long you can see the end of it. Tucked between mountains, the lake is superb, deep blue, and the road is winding along its coast. Drive to Urquart Casltle, which at the middle of the lake. The road leading to the Castle from From Augustus is really fun to drive with a stunning view over the loch. Rest at Urquart and visit the ruins of the castle. You will also benefit from another view of the Loch Ness. Close by is the Loch Ness museum where you can learn a lot about the lake and of course, the monster.

road trip scenic route scotland

Then drive north towards the tip of Scotland. The scenery slowly changes, the mountains get browner, the land more barren. You cross fewer cars from this point on. We will drive up north on the A835 up to a certain point when we turn left into the A832. This road leads to Ullapool via the coast. It offers a new perspective on Scotland, with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches. Once in a while we cross a tiny village of four houses and its pub. People here are deep into nature. The drive is simply fantastic with a mix of coast, mountains, marshes, small lakes… and then you reach Ullapool. This small city is ok, but it opens on a nice bay. The pub right on the coast is the ideal place to drink a pint and relax from the journey. When we got there it was actually 10pm and still light. The sun sets about 11pm here; it is the same latitude as Stockholm. It feels a bit strange but it perfects this amazing drive.

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